Automotive Exporter from US to Europe and Asia.

Auto Wholesalers of Natick


Automotive wholesaler local to Natick, MA.

Wheel in the Sky-


Wheel in the Sky: A Sindome Story is an experiment in creative fiction and social media. Written using Twitter, this science-fiction cyberpunk epic follows the path of four separate characters spanning four accounts over the course of a year in a world inspired by such authors as William Gibson and Stephen King. This site was built from the ground up by our designer, and dynamically pulls from a series of Twitter accounts with customized scripts using the Twitter API.

Garment Machinery –


Garment Machinery Company, Inc is a commercial laundry supplier to a wide variety of different customers across numerous business sectors. Our team provided CSS, XHTML, and graphic design to create an expansive informational site providing product information, brochures, specific services and specials, and contact information/forms.

The Dumpster Divers

The Dumpster Divers is a Shrewsbury, family owned business specializing in dumpster rentals to homeowners & contractors.

Landco Trash and Recycling –

Landco Trash and Recycling

Landco Trash and Recycling serves the residents of Middleton with weekly household pickup of trash and recycling.


MudVerse MudVerse is a free online game listing site. MudVerse specializes in listing text based games such as MUDs, MOOs, MUCKs, MUSHs and Ticks. They also provide an easily edited database of both telnet and browser based games. Both the design as well as the underlying code and functionality were all done in-house, and our extensive SEO knowledge was applied to increase Search Engine Ranking. Our Search Engine Optimization has helped MudVerse increase dramatically in rank on Google search listings.  On June 12th 2009 MudVerse was listed on Google with the following page ranks: #8 under ‘MUD listings’ out of 1,720,000 search results. #22 under ‘Online Game Listings’ out of 37,900,000 search results. #4 under ‘Game Listings’ out of 311,000,000 search results.

Pavel Y. Bespalko, Esq. Attorney at Law -


Pavel Y. Bespalko, Esq., offers timely and cost-effective legal solutionsin the areas of domestic and internationallitigation and dispute resolution, contract and business advice, and legal practice management.  He is equally comfortable in the domestic and international context. Custom WordPress blog designed per client’s specifications.  Informational site with layout and design influenced by traditional print media for a sleek and professional aesthetic.

recentvideogamereviews RecentVideoGameReviews, formerly, is a video game review site with an intuitive tagging system designed to help you find the kind of games you want. First person shooter with RPG elements and cooperative local multiplayer?… You’ll find it. Though it focuses mostly on games for the Xbox 360 console, it reviews games for other systems (and PC) as well. The FullDorm Post is a student run online news outlet run by FullDorm. It uses WordPress and is fully integrated with the website. Modules and plugins were created to allow content from the parent site to appear live and on the FullDorm Post. FullDorm is a full service on-campus student / dorm website. They are fully integrated with several prominent universities including Bentley University. The site features a Campus Forum for students, Ride Share, Daily Deals, Videos of the Day, Classifieds and a full service Real Estate Section. Marketing Ritson is a blog / article archive for Mark Ritson, a marketing professor.

Find a Literary Agent A free literary agent listing site.

Dental Sleep Apnea

Dental Sleep Apnea Dental practice with the goal of helping you achieve quiet, restful sleep in order to improve your overall health and the quality of your life. Contains valuable resources for those suffering from sleep apnea, and treatments customized to fit the needs of the patient.

Past Clients


Allied Office Solutions

Real estate agency specializing in Direct Office Space, Sublets, Condo Offices, Turnkey/Full Service, Short Term/Long Term, Furnished/Unfurnished Lease/Purchase for businesses around New England.

Best Cardio Workouts is a advertisement supported exercise blog. It runs on the WordPress platform with several plugins including SEO related plugins.

FoligaeFall is a advertisement supported blog. It runs on the WordPress platform with several plugins including SEO related plugins.

Coffee Cake Recipes is a advertisement supported recipe blog. It runs on the WordPress platform with several plugins including SEO related plugins.


Cramer & Associates is a Massachusetts-based Real Estate Service. An updated table-free layout and design to meet the client’s specifications and added features with PHP.

Cash For Laptops

Cash For Laptops is a site where users can go to get a quote on their used laptops. It is done in PHP, with support from Javascript. It is XHTML compliant, TRUSTe certified, and has Live Chat options for users to get help, or ask questions of support staff. Users are automatically created an account when they submit a sale request. From within their account they have several options. They may refer friends (and get paid for the referrals), update their contact information, view the status of their sale, and track the status of their package. We have completely integrated UPS Online Tools onto both the front-end and back-end of the website. Users can get up to the minute information about their packages. On the back-end, when a sale is created and the packaging for the laptop is initially sent out to the client, a UPS label is automatically generated and registered with UPS, through their online tools. This is a serious time saver. We have also created the sister sites: Each of the sister sites, as well as Cash For Laptops, runs of the same back-end system, allowing management of all the sites through a single interface. When we took over development of CashForLaptops, we applied our years of SEO experience, as we always do when developing for our clients. On June 12th 2009 CashForLaptops was listed on Google with the following page ranks: #1 under ‘sell my laptop’ out of 4,610,000 search results. #1 under ‘buy my laptop’ out of 18,500,000 search results. #3 under ‘sell used laptop’ out of 3,900,200 search results. #1 under ‘sell laptop’ out of 6,700,000 search results.

First Step Realty

First Step Realty is a real estate company in Boston. Their front-end website allows unregistered users to view listings and pictures as well as search through listings. They can also submit their rental criteria in order to be contacted by an Agent. After submitting their criteria they are sent an account user name and password that they can use to access the system in more depth. It allows them greater detail in property searches and the ability to link properties to their account. This not only allows them to track properties they are interested in but takes some of the work of the back of the Agents working for the company. The back-end system is one of the most heavily developed real estate databases in the industry. Agents are able to track everything about clients including new leads, ‘take leads’ for themselves, keep track of when and how clients were contacted, enter and update listings, upload photos which are automatically re-sized and watermarked, post craigslist ads, add/update landlord info, create and maintain transaction between clients, landlords and the company itself and much more. Automated watchdogs preform maintence on the database and automatically data mine information for incomplete listings. Landlords are given their own login information and are able to sign in and update their own listings.

Abco Masonry

 The website offers information about the company as well as contact information and forms. While designing the Abco Masonry site, as we do with all of the websites we design, we keep SEO in mind. We research popular search terms, and apply our years of SEO experience to raise your page rank. On June 12th 2009 Abco Masonry was listed on Google with the following page ranks: #22 under ‘Masonry Restoration’ out of 320,000 search results. #4under ‘boston waterproofing’ 512,000 search results. #2 under ‘boston masonry’ out of 1,400,000 search results. #4/#3 under ‘masonry restoration and water proofing’ / ‘masonry restoration and waterproofing’ out of 223,000 search results. #1 under ‘boston masonry restoration’ out of 42,700 search results. #1 under ‘boston masonry waterproofing’ out of 36,300 search results.



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    I had no idea how to approach this be-enofrow I’m locked and loaded.

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    Those are great insights. I definitely agree that the romanticization of worship has gotten out of hand and is probably the largest problem with contemporary worship. Obviously we are speaking in generalizations but they are prevalent enough that it is an issue. I’d love to have you copy these thoughts into a comment on the site for some others to enjoy. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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    Yes she is looking very very thin. Also, what may make her look less thin is the boob job though. Without it, she would look like:

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      C’est parce qu’en sus des deux points, du point final, ou du point d&sm;uoqexclaration, il existe le « point de presse ».

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    Looking for a Free online RPG game. Don’t mind downloading it as long as it doesn’t cost anything. I’ve played ShadowTale and didn’t like it too much. It was too repetitive with no real depth. I played Fiesta and I liked that quite a bit except it messed up my computer so I had to delete it.Anyone know of any free online rpgs that I can download (of play straight online)?Thanks

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    - Thank you!! It was really fun working on them although it wasn't so fun working on them during the insane heat wave we had. Yes, I'll definitely take a look and see if I can do the chair justice.

  • July 8, 2016 at 7:19 am

    Rooftop solar would stink for me. My home is oriented on a north-south axis. The flat surfaces face east and west. Optimum solar requires a south-facing surface. That means major structural modifications to mount an ugly (probably wouldn’t pass muster on deed restrictions) support panel to face to the south, plus bracing and reinforcement to handle the weight. That and the fact that we get maybe 30% clear days here makes solar a BIG loser.


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