Many people wonder what a Blog can really do for their business. The answer to this question depends on what your website needs. A well written blog gives your website a more professional feel. An informative blog can drive hits to your website. A blog that is updated often will keep people coming back to your website and offer new visitors fresh, up to date content. A properly integrated blog can help save money by allowing you to control the content on your site without needing to pay for the services of a web developer. Keyword rich blog posts can dramatically help your search engine optimization.

A Blog gives your site dynamic content. Content that you, the owner of the website, can control. There are many different kinds of blogging software that can be integrated into your existing website. WordPress is our Blogging software of choice. It has an easy to use interface, numerous plug-ins and is constantly being updated and extended.

Armed with a Blog powered by WordPress you no longer need to pay a web developer when you want to add content to your website. If you need to update information, fix a spelling mistake, add new content, change a picture, or any other situation in which information on your website needs to be added, updated or deleted, the power is in your hands.

Once you have your Blog integrated with your website you can begin to write the content. Informative and up to date information in your blog posts is a great way to get people coming back to your website over and over. They may even send the link to your website to friends, or others they know would be interested in the information posted on your blog. This gives you even more chances to convert these visitors into leads and clients.
Most Blogging software (such as WordPress) is designed to be very search engine friendly, and easily installed and configured plug-ins can be added to make it even more so. Links to your blog posts can be submitted to and, further increasing traffic to your website as well as your Search Engine Optimization.

There are some pitfalls to having a blog as well. If the blog is not setup properly, or properly integrated with your existing website, it can be hard to find, hurt your Search Engine Optimization, or appear unprofessional to potential clients visiting your site. The initial installation of Blogging software can be very difficult for anyone who is not tech-savvy.

If you do not already have a website and are looking for set one up around a blog, then WordPress can be used not only as a piece of Blogging software, but as a fully configurable content management system that can run your website. Each page, post, category, link and image, fully editable by you.
At Storm Code we install, setup, design and host numerous Blogs. If you have any questions, or would like to get a quote. Please contact us.

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