When you are starting up a website there are literally thousands of things to do and one of the most important is picking a good domain name. This is often trickier than one first might think as many of the best names already are taken. A good domain name can be that success factor which your website needs, so we recommend you reading this guide on
picking a domain name before you do anything else.

Get matching names

The first thing you should look for is a domain name that matches the name of your website. This is important since when your website becomes a household name, your visitors should be able to type in the domain with as much ease as possible.

One big risk in not matching your names is that people will have problems remembering your URL and hence not finding your site again. Also, try to pick a name that is as “reflective” as possible of your business – all to keep its memorability. Take advantage of free domain registry tools to check the availability of domain names.

Keywords in name

A great way to increase the traffic, or at least increasing the chances, is by using a keyword in your domain name. Obviously, this will not be easy as people are quite up to date on this little trick which means that most good keywords already are taken. Should you however find a good domain name with your most important keyword – grab it at once! Optimizing your domain for your visitors as well as for the search engines is the most optimal situation.

Keep the name short

The shorter you can keep the domain name the better for your visitor as it is easier to remember, as well as being easier to spell. Remember though that the domain name should not be kept short just for the sake of keeping it short. If there is a risk of losing your branding or memorability in trimming down the name – keep it as you first intended it or even extend it a bit.

Picking a domain name can be both time consuming and at times you might even want to put it all on hold. But trust us; take the time it takes since it will be worth all the effort in the end. This is the time for you to exercise your creative muscles. Then later you will also have to give efforts on selecting a suitable web hosting plan for your site.

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