Social Marketing is a form of marketing that uses social networking sites to spread information about your business including services, products, news and press releases. It’s a great way to build buzz around your business as well as generate leads. There are several different methods and sites that can be used for Social Marketing. No one site will do the job all on it’s own, rather a combination of different sites leads to a successful social marketing campaign.

Social Marketing is not just a great way to generate buzz and leads about your business. It is also an excellent way to improve your search engine optimization (SEO). By posting content on social networking and blog sites you also have the opportunity to generate back links (links that lead back to your website).

Social Marketing is not a one time thing. You can’t just setup an account on a bunch of different sites, send some friend requests and post some news and then never go back there again. That would do absolutely no good for you or your website. It would just waste your time.

Social Marketing takes time. It is a process that must be undertaken continually if you want to see real gain from it. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and a variety of other sites are where you will be spending a good deal of time. You must cultivate followers and friends on these sites so that when you post news or information about your goods and services, people will be there to see it. You must also make the content interesting enough that they don’t just ignore your posts every time you make them.

At Storm Code we realize that not everyone has the time to get on each of these sites and post relevant information every week. We manage several of our clients Social Marketing Campaigns with great success, including Twitter Feeds, Blogs, Facebook Accounts and Pages, Groups, MySpace accounts and more. For more information our to have a free consultation to discuss your Social Marketing needs please feel free to contact us at

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