Getting the best possible service for your money if very important. However, thinking that the lowest price means the best deal will land you nothing but headaches. One thing you should ask yourself before taking the lowest price service or product is why is it so cheap? Let me use Linux as an example. You can download many different versions of the operating system for free, and you wouldn’t be doing anything illegal! It is offered for free by the various companies that develop the builds. However, when you encounter a problem you have no support system to turn to for answers.

If you plan on paying $10 a month for web hosting, you have to ask yourself, when I have a problem, who is going to help me? Is it going to be someone that is knowledgeable and invested in my company? Or is it more likely going to be someone in a call center over-seas who may or may not be interested in actually helping you. In this business, like most others, you get what you pay for. So while the cheapest product or service may benefit you in the short term, that all goes out the window when you have to spend hours of your time trying to get someone who does not understand your business to help you fix a problem.

Another real world example would be car insurance. If you buy a brand new car do you purchase an insurance policy that only covers the bare minimum, or do you purchase comprehensive insurance so that if something were to happen you have the peace of mind of knowing that you are totally covered. Do you go with a company that’s cheaper, or a company that you know is going to make filing a claim as easy as possible if an accident does happen?

No one wants to be in a position where the company they have been paying is doing everything in their power to get out of helping. That’s why at Storm Code no matter what product or service you purchase from us, you get a Project Manager that you can call or e-mail personally. Someone that knows your business and your name. Someone who wants to help you. Someone invested.

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