Interns can be a very powerful tool for any business. Most interns are highly motivated, driven, and up to date with the goings-on of whatever area they are applying for an internship in. The fact that they are green when it comes to your specific business, and perhaps your area of business in general should not deter you from taking on at least one intern a semester.

Right about now you might be asking yourself: ‘What do Internships have to do with developing my business on the Web?’. Let’s tie that in real quick. This entire article is working under the assumption that any intern you higher is either starting, in, or has recently finished college. That means that your Intern likely has their finger on the pulse of the Internet in general. This makes them a valuable resource when it comes time to put a fresh face on your website, add new functionality, or brainstorm.

Depending on the area of the internship there are several ways to make use of an Interns time that will be productive for your company’s web presence while giving the Intern some valuable business experience. Marketing Interns should be prompted to post ads on Craigslist advertising your product or services. IT Interns should be adding Google Analytics to your website. The list goes on.

An ever growing amount of business is being conducted over the Internet and it pays to have someone around who understands it well.

Storm Code takes on between two and five interns every semester (including the summer). We have learned that a properly trained and motivated intern can produce an amazing amount of work and also gain a great deal of knowledge. If you are interested in an Internship with Storm Code please refer to our internship page for more information.

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