Facebook Fan pages are a great way to get information about your business onto Facebook, as well as keep fans of your business updated with your latest news and specials.   Getting fans is easy and free (though time consuming) if you already have a Facebook account.  You can use Facebook’s built in feature for suggesting your page to your friends.   As you gain popularity, friends of friends may also become fans, increasing your fan base.

If you do not already have a Facebook account and you do not wish to spend money, you can check with your employees, and ask them to suggest your new Facebook page to their friends.  If you have an advertisement budget, Facebook offers pay per click advertisement options that can help you generate more fans.

It is important to include as much information on your Facebook page as possible.  This includes the phone number for your business, your operating hours, your location, and much more.

Uploading pictures of your employees, your offices and your products is also a good way to build a sense of familiarity with your clients or potential clients.

At Storm Code we offer Facebook Fan page creation for as little as $49.  This includes creation of the page, adding pertinent business information and pictures,  a blog post on the new page,  a ‘Find us on Facebook’ icon added to your existing website and suggesting the page to the friends of up to 3 Facebook accounts.   If you would like more information or to get a page set up, please contact us.

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