What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is a classified website divided in sections, as well as communities. Craiglist presently supports more than 450 cities worldwide. Except for job listings in certain areas, posting on the site is free. Though many areas and sections required that you register for an account before posting, no account is required and no fee charged to view ads. The ad sections contain everything from dating and puppy sales and business services and job offers. Craigslist is moderated by its users, who have the ability to flag a listing as spam, miscategorized, or over posted.

How to do it?

The first thing you need to post your ad is a good title. A good title catches the eye and gives the reader a clear idea of what you are looking for or what you are selling. A good title is well-worded, punctuated, and professional. It should not contain all capital lettering.

The second thing to remember when posting an ad is to pick the right section. Picking the right section is not always the easiest of tasks. Many of the sections overlap in their coverage of certain topics and services. The best thing that can be done is to search through the various sections until you find the one with the highest amount of similarly purposed posts. Craigslist only allows its users to included links in their ads in specific sections such as Services.

The last thing to consider when posting an ad is to avoid spamming. Spamming an ad across many different sections or posting similar ads in the same section may increase the leads generated temporary but it can have a devastating effect on your company’s reputation and respectability within the online community.

What’s the downside?

Every good website has its drawbacks and Craigslist is no exception. Indeed, competitors seeking to gain an unfair advantage may flag your posts, causing them to be deleted.

Craigslist is also known to be a site where people come when they are looking for a bargain. This being said, it’s best to offer competitive prices through trial and error.

The third disadvantage of Craigslist, and the biggest, is the lack of moderation, which leads to spam, junk postings, and less opportunities for serious companies to use the site for business. The upside of this is most seasoned Craigslist users can spot spam posts with ease and avoid them entirely.

How to get ahead

Craigslist has some stiff competition in most sections. Depending upon the area and the section, this can included hundreds of posts an hour. The more populated the section, the more important it becomes to stand out from the rest of the pack. A good title and competitive prices are important but what is equally as important is the presentation of the information in your ad.

Craigslist supports a good deal of HTML and CSS, but it does disallow some. It can be a lenghtly process trying to create a professional looking template for your ads when you are unsure what aspects of HTML and CSS Craigslist will allow. It can be difficult for someone who is not an experienced web designer to craft a professional looking ad that will stand out at a glance. Every Craigslist ad you post should reflect the professionalism of your company. Badly crafted or poorly worded Craigslist ads can result in missed leads and reflect badly on your company, product, or service.

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