In this time of economic turmoil everyone is feeling the pinch. Your customers are spending less money, which in turn leaves your business with less money to spend. No company can stop spending entirely even in the most dire of times, which leads you to reanalyze what you are spending your money on. Where is it going to generate the most sales, or be otherwise profitable?

No one can say that having a strong web presence will protect you entirely from recession, the dot-com bubble burst is evidence enough of that. However, a strong web presence can increase your local customer base as well as increase your global customer base. It allows you to market your product all across the globe without the need for old fashioned paper and print marketing.

That doesn’t mean you should run out and spend all your money buying ad space on Google and Yahoo. Having a strong web presence isn’t all about getting people to your site. You have to consider what happens after you get people to your site.

Are you offering up to date information about your products and services? Is all the contact information current? Is your website easy to navigate? Does it have the functionality that will help drive your business in the 21st Century? Is it capable of handling a large stream of visitors or will it fold under the pressure of more hits?

If you answered no to any of those questions or you were unsure of any of your answers, then it’s time to contact a professional. Gone are the days when you could pick up a book on HTML and setup and maintain your company website.

You should be treating your website like a digital version of your Office. It is representative of your business as a whole. If it is well designed and developed then you instill confidence into your clients or potential clients. Just like you would if you had a well put together and clean Office that you met clients in. If a client were to walk into your office and it were to be a disaster, with half a wall missing and a ‘Dummies Guide to Office Renovations’ sitting on your desk, what impression would you be giving?

You need to have that same mindset when thinking about your website.

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