Custom Surveys

Storm Code can create custom, fully branded, web-based surveys that meet the needs of any business. The results of these surveys can be logged in a variety of ways, depending on the expected survey participation. Results can be stored in a web-based database for later analysis, e-mailed directly to your Analysts, or provided in a variety of other formats in real time.

Survey Structure

No longer do your surveys need to be one dimensional, or restricted to the options provided by canned survey software. Utilizing PHP, JavaScript and MySQL, we can create an in-depth and intuitive survey that asks different questions based on previous answers. Surveys designed with this kind of logic based tree structure eliminate inapplicable questions and reduce the time it takes to complete the survey which in turn increases the completion ratio.

Survey Results

The most important part of the survey, aside from the questions, is the results. We can provide the results in any format that you like, in real time. We can also go a step further and create a back-end system that only you can access that allows you to browse through the survey results, run custom reports, and do in-depth analysis.

Survey Branding

There are two options when it comes to branding your survey. We can host the survey for you on our website, with your logo, links to your website, a contact form, and any other pages or information you find applicable. We can even style the survey to look and feel the same as your website, so there is a smooth transition for the client. This also instills the client with confidence that they are still dealing with you and not a third party company. We can then setup a subdomain off of your main website and direct it to the survey code, so the URL would be or some variation.

The second option is that we can integrate the survey directly with your website. You can host the files and the survey database (if applicable). The same level of branding can be done, but taken a step further, we can even integrate the survey with your existing website design.

More Information

For more information on our services, please feel free to e-mail us at or call us at 617-512-0812.

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